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Prof. BAI Liping, 白立平

Assistant Professor

Academic Qualification: BA (XISU); MA (Nanjing); PhD (CUHK)

Location: HSH130

Tel: (852) 2616-7987


Research Interest

  • History of Translation
  • Literary Translation
  • Translation Studies

Research Monograph

  • Fanyijia Liang Shiqiu (Liang Shiqiu as a Translator). Beijing: Commercial Press, 2016.

Journal Articles

  • "Professionals and Translation in a 'Literary Translation System'". Babel 62 (4):552–572, 2016.
  • "Translator’s Ideology, Dominant Ideology and the Use of Pseudonym: An Analysis of a Chinese Version of George Orwell's Animal Farm". Archiv Orientalni/Oriental Archive: Journal of African and Asian Studies. 82(3):543-563, 2014.
  • "Bo Yang Yi 'Dali Shuishou' de Gean Fenxi (A Case Study on Bo Yang's Translation of Bud Sagendorf's Comic Popeye)". Dangdai waiyu yanjiu (Contemporary Foreign Languages Studies). 7:56-61, 2014.
  • "Review of Readers, Reading and Reception of Translated Fiction in Chinese: Novel encounters". Across Languages and Cultures. 14 (2):303-306, 2013.
  • "Fanyi de xuancai wenti: yi jiehun ji yiben weili" (The Issue on the Selection of Materials for Translation: A Case on the Translation of Strindberg's Married). Guangyi: Yuyan wenxue yu wenhua yanjiu (Guang Yi: Lingual, Literary and Cultural Translation). 7: 43-65, 2012.
  • "Translator Studies: Liang Shiqiu's Discourse on Translation". Across Languages and Cultures. 12 (1): 71–94, 2011.
  • "Review of An Anthology of Essays on Buddhist Sutra Translation in China, with Annotations and Commentaries”. Perspectives: Studies in Translatology. 19(2): 177-180, 2011.
  • "Review of Knowing Translation's True Face". Across Languages and Cultures. 12 (1):141-145, 2011.
  • "Review of Reinterpreting Xin Da Ya". Across Languages and Cultures. 12 (2):285-288, 2011.
  • "Yidao daoyi" (Way of Translation). Dongfang fanyi (East Journal of Translation). 13 (5):93-94, 2011.
  • "Anthology Compilation as a Purpose-driven Activity: Luo Xinzhang's Account of the Translation Theories in 'Our Country'". The Translator. 15(2): 423-429, 2009.
  • "Patronage as 'a Productive Network' in Translation: A Case Study in China". Perspectives: Studies in Translatology. 17 (4):213-225, 2009.
  • "Fanyi keyi shengshuo xuduo hua: Liang Shiqiu yu Lu Xun lunzhan qijian youguan yizuo de fenxi" (Translation 'Can Save Many Words': An Analysis of Several Translated Works during the 'War of Words' between Liang Shiqiu and Lu Xun). Qinghua xuebao (Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies). 39(3):325-354, 2009.
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  • "Babbitt's Impact in China: The Case of Liang Shiqiu". Humanitas. 17(1&2): 46-68, 2004.
  • "Wenyi sixiang yu fanyi: Liang Shiqiu xin renwen zhuyi sixiang dui qi fanyi de yingxiang" (Literary Thoughts and Translation: The Influence of Liang Shiqiu’s New Humanism upon His Translation). Zhongwai wenxue (Chung Wai Literary Monthly). 31(2):185-207, 2003.
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  • "Zanzhu yu fanyi: Hu Shi dui Liang Shiqiu fanyi Shashibiya de yingxiang" (Patronage and Translation: Hu Shi's Influence upon Liang Shiqiu's Translation of Shakespeare's Works). Zhongwai wenxue (Chung Wai Literary Monthly). 30(7):159-177, 2001.
  • "Shashibiya shisihang shi zhong 'summer' yixiang de fanyi" (Translation of the 'Summer' Image in Shakespeare's Sonnets). Shenzhen daxue xuebao (renwen shehui kexue ban) (Journal of Shenzhen University) (Humanities & Social Sciences). 71(5):122-127, 2001.
  • "Dao zhi yi yu yi zhi dao" (The Translation of ‘Tao’ and the 'Tao' of Translation). Dongfang congkan (A Multidimensional Study of Orientalism). 29(3):16-23, 1999.
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Biographical Note

  • After receiving a PhD degree in translation studies from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Bai Liping did postdoctoral research at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Hong Kong Baptist University and later taught at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He joined the Department of Translation of Lingnan University in August 2016. His research interests include translation studies, literary translation and history of translation. His publications appear in international journals including Across Languages and Cultures, Archiv Orientalni/Oriental Archive, Babel, Perspectives, Humanitas, Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies, The Translator, and Translation Quarterly. His most recent publication is a book entitled Fanyijia Liang Shiqiu (Liang Shiqiu as a Translator) published by Beijing Commercial Press (2016). In addition, he is interested in practical translation and has published a number of translations between Chinese and English. Currently he is also writing for a column on translation for the magazine Mingpao Monthly.